Artist: Kista Vs 45 Prince
Title : Crate Combination LP
Format: 12" Vinyl

Available From :

We are pleased to announce that we have sourced copies of this LP from a warehouse in Germany collecting dust since 2009, it features the likes of Dj Format, P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship, Maspyke ,Dj Bazil, Sumkid adn the elusive Unknown Rasta, these are available from the Soundweight Big Cartel for only £9.99

Inspired by the finest old school hip hop tunes “Crate Combination Vol.1” will take you on a beat journey to rhyme paradise! Tight hip hop sounds that remind you of Pete Rock, Shadow, Cut Chemist/Jurassic 5, DJ Format, The Roots and also James Brown will do their magic and enchant hip hop lovers and those simply enjoying good music.

The idea to do something together was born after Kista decided to license one of 45 Prince’s songs for a compilation (“Audio Formation” – a very rare and hard to find dusty instrumental hip hop album).

“We wanted to make music and pay tribute to the oldschool style without compromising trends or music industry standards”, says 45 Prince. One of the record’s goals is to show that sample music can be creative and soulful. Back to the roots: that’s their intention.

“Crate Combination Vol.1″ got a little help from some friends who added to the freshness of the record: Romanowski and Glammerlicious (producer of Main Concept) provide their skills as co-producers. And you can also find a variety of high quality guest vocalists such as: P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship), Tableek (Maspyke), Sumkid (San Francisco), Unknown Rasta and Rob Mackay. Last but not least guest scratchers DJ Format and DJ Bazil (True Flavaz Crew) add the final ingredient.
Tada! Dinner’s ready and best served steaming hot


01. Brainwash (Intro)
02. Stupid Mutha feat. Tableek (Maspyke)
03. Off The Beaten Track (Interlude)
04. Devils Shoes feat. Sumkid & Rob Mackay
05. Mirrors (Interlude)
06. Talk With God (Instrumental)
07. The Rusty Organ
08. Grandmaster Majere feat. Sumkid
09. Moonwalk (Outro)
09. Up To The C-Ling (Intro)
10. Pushin’ To The Top Remix feat. DJ Bazil / True Flavas Crew
11. Diggin’ Skit feat. DJ Format
12. Dope Lova
13. Kingston (Interlude)
14. Out Of Sight feat. Unknown Rasta
15. Grillen (Interlude) feat. OCB
16. All Over You / No Class feat. P.E.A.C.E.
17. Pulse (Outro)