Attachment 9177

A1 - Samurai Sushi feat Ruste Juxx / Cuts Dj Impact
A2 - Organic feat Planet Asia
A3 - Da Super Heroe feat Shyheim / Cuts Dj Impact
A4 - Like a Movie feat Big Twins (of Infamous Mobb)
A5 - At It Again feat Krondon
B1 - Look in Their Eyes feat Bishop Lamont
B2 - Off Course feat Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) / Cuts Dj Impact
B3 - Trillmatic Anthem feat Conway,Ruste Juxx,,Termanalogy,Skyzoo,Reks,Edo G / Cuts by Venom
B4 - Megarm feat Supreme(of Representativz) & Steele (of Smif N Wessun)
B5 - The Dart Board feat C- Rayz Walz
C1 - Trippin feat Rim Da Villins
C2 - Surprize feat Illa Noyz
C3 - Stolen Base feat Chris Spencer (Vic Spencer + Chris Crack)
C4 - Costolomy Bag feat Pressha Dinero,Vvs Verbal ,Louie Skaggs,Dan Jah
C5 - Vibratium Dartboards feat Clever One (of Da Buze Bruvaz)
D1 - Genkidama flow feat Vizar Rancarr (Skanks & Kyo) & Haile Ali,Madman (of F.O.D)
D2 - Carnage feat Milez Grimez
D3 - Proof feat Ran Reed & Innocent?
D4 - Dead Zone feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & Homeboy Sandman
D5 - Rosary Beads feat Realio Sparkzwell,Berreta 9(of Killarmy),Poison Pen,Block Mccloud
E1 - Bang Bang feat Sage Infinite,Recognyze Ali,Ill Conscious,Haile Ali,Rigz,Mooch,Twistello,Phil Blount
E2 - Should be Know feat The Committee Sounds
E3 - Bringing Back feat S.I.T.H.
E4 - Red Ribbon Flow feat M3 (of F.O.D)
E5 - Aint No Question feat FKB$
F1 - Dil Nah Nah feat Squeegie Oblong
F2 - Killamanjaro feat Haile Ali ,El Ay
F3 - Knukles Game remix feat One Click Bang
F4 - End Of Times Rhymes feat Sleep Sinatra
F5 - Up & Down feat Mélanie Rutherford