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    NiLLa -Valkyrie LP & Cut Beetlez (feat. Soundsci) 12" - PRE-ORDERS OPEN!

    We have opened pre-orders for the next 2 ae releases. Official release date is August 25th but will ship pre-orders before that date all going well.

    AE025 - NiLLa - Valkyrie LP - produced by Ghettosocks.

    At last available after some hold ups and 3 sets of test pressings. Pressed on clear splatter double vinyl and supplied in shrinkwrap.

    ON CD and digital sales alone this spent 21 weeks in the Canadian national Hip Hop chart reaching #2. One of, if not the finest female MC out right now.

    14.99 plus shipping.

    Audio: - https://nilla.bandcamp.com/

    NiLLa Front.jpg

    AE026 - Cut Beetlez (feat. Soundsci) - Droppin' Needlez

    Hailing from Tampere, Finland this DJ/Producer duo team up with Oxygen, Audessey and U-George for a lesson in the almost forgotten needle drop technique. The beats have been crafted by live turntable work over an MPC drum track to amazing effect.
    Sleeve artwork by Mr Krum which expertly recreates Marley Marl's Droppin' Science sleeve - an idea which Cut Beetlez came up with.

    Includes main version, remix, instrumentals, bonus beat and dj tool.

    9.99 or 17.99 for doubles plus shipping.

    Also available on limited cassette single 5.99 plus shipping.

    Audio:- https://soundcloud.com/the-cut-beetlez/droppin-needles



    CB Cass.jpg

    Usual place to order: - http://www.ae-productions.co.uk/shop

    Thanks in advance from ae, NiLLa & Ghettosocks and Cut Beetlez.

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    love the design on the Cut Beetlez/Soundsci collabo, the NiLLa isn't to be slept on either!

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    Cheers D! Yeah Krum just don't stop on the incredible designs! In true Krum fashion the 'maxi single' sticker is an actual sticker to make it 100% correct.

    The NiLLa design incidentally was by Ghettosocks. Forgot to mention in the info.

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    So dope, copped both with the quickness! *For my Peoples*
    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

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    such an amazing LP peeps - you NEED this!
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