We have a few spare promo copies of the recent Cut Beetlez 12" featuring Soundsci MC's Oxygen, Audessey and U-George. As a lot of people missed out on the test presses due to the high demand for the sleeve design and to assist with the production costs of the release we decided to make 10 copies available for sale rather that sit around taking up space at ae hq.
They come in the same 'Cold Chillin' AE' sleeve as the test pressings but with a different sticker and are supplied with press sheet. For the promo copies Mr Krum mimicked the 'Collector's Edition Special Price' badge that appeared on the 1995 reissues of Cold Chillin' releases and created a 'DJ's Only' sticker. The labels on the promo copies differ slightly from the test presses as are plain white labels and we made up an extra rubber stamp for the Droppin' Needles text.

CB Promo.jpg

Cost is 15 plus p&p but please email me at phantasm38@yahoo.com if interested and i'll confirm if still available.

Check out the audio here if you're yet to hear it:-

Thanks in advance for all support - it's always hugely appreciated, especially for these kind of luxury pieces.