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    Is this guy on here?

    He seems to have a mad collection of rare acetates,many of which are different versions of tracks,or some totally unreleased.

    Question is ,how do you even come across acetates like this,he must have some great connections in the record industry,or deep pockets to be able to buy them.

    I don't have any acetates,I've never even seen any,does anyone on here have any cool ones?

    Here is a list that he compiled ,its a pretty cool read if you have some spare time.


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    Not sure if he's on here - but I've always wondered it was the same guy as the ebay seller "freestylemaniac"? I say this mainly because that ebay seller seems to often have similarly amazing records for sale (from the earlier end of hip hop / electro / disco history).

    As far as acetates goes, I've got a small number (defintely less than 10) and they tend to be things I've picked up by by chance rather than anything I feel the need to be collecting.

    Love the smell of 'em though!

    PS Encarnita's collection of acetates is incredible!
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    No there two different people, Fab, has been a stalwart collector since the 80's and used to phone the numbers on the record labels etc, so used to speak to lots of artists as well, from speaking to him, he certainly knows a thing or two and has a huge collection of 80's electro Hip Hop.

    Freestylemaniac is mainly a collector of freestyle music, but travels to the US a lot mainly to buy stuff for sale, I did know his name as well, but can't recall it at the mo.



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