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    Who was/is (DJ) Sandman / Sandman 118

    Maybe Im one of the few people who've never heard of this guy before, but I just recently stumbled upon this DJ/Producer called Sandman (shoutouts to Spek for the nice Strictly Ammo mix that featured one of this beats with a Methodman freestyle). He self-released a bunch of 12"s during the mid-/late 90ies (also on Amazing Records), all of which are freestyles or freestyle-like tracks, featuring a lot of the "greats" of that time, e.g. Big L, Lost Boys, Q-Tip...

    Was this guy a radio host of some show or just a mixtape DJ with lots of connections? His productions are above average throughout but he didnt release anything else other than two features on two 12"s in the early 2000s.

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    He doesn't seem to be quite as well known as the likes of Clue, S&S, Doo Wop etc. Only had 1 tape (Vol 120: Mission Impossible) of his back in the day which was the first place I heard Hit Em Up. I just searched him and it turns out it's on Soundcloud

    Even though 120 suggests he had a ton of tapes out it doesn't look like many have appeared online so I guess could explain why he isn't that well know. There's only 3 tapes listed on the F Your Mixtape database


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    Far as I know he was always just a mixtape DJ from around the way. Him and his brother Dirtman, who did a lot of the beats as well, had a spot on 118th in South Harlem in the mid-nineties to maybe the early 2000s.



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