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    Ebay -- Last Jazz Club - Under The Influence Instrumental FPI013 N11/12

    So sad to have to sell this beauty but sometimes life gives you more than records as a little girl and also I just bought the vocal LP.

    End date for this auction is friday 03.11.2017

    Here is the link to the auction :


    Thanks for looking
    The ultimate reward is not awards but honor

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    cheeky fucker!

    congrats on the baby girl though.

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    Thanks for the congrats.

    But I'm french and I don't understand all the english slang.
    Cheeky fucker is swear word or a nice word ?
    Sorry If you don't like the fact I sell this one but need money for the girl, have the vocal one and sell it for a fair price for a 12 copies release.
    The ultimate reward is not awards but honor



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