Hello everyone,

"The Dust Man Stirs" (the name provided by my 2 year old son) is 18 tracks of raw, lo-fi beats, taking influence from hard edge funk, psychedelia, garage rock, library music and more. Although the album is 18 tracks deep, it still clocks in at around the 45 minute mark, short, sharp, and to the point. Tempo's range from upbeat party rockers and garage howlers to low slung, more sinister sounds.
The album is fully instrumental apart from two tracks, "Rescue You" which features forward thinking Icelandic hip hoppers Cryptochrome, and "After Omega". A hard nosed garage rock track featuring Sam Crick formally of Brighton ska, garage, punk band Wilf.

The album is out now for Name Your Price download. Download it for free, but if anyone feels like parting with their hard earned cash, I will be eternally grateful.

I hope you enjoy the album and really appreciate your support.