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    Thought this warranted a post as it should be of interest to most of you. Still in the early stages but has the potential to be something great so the more people that can get involved the better I guess.



    If you want to contribute details are on the site, or you can hit me up as I can rip any tapes you might have (and return them if needed) or upload to them for you.

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    wow, this could be incredible!
    thanks for the heads up.

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    recently added: Chuck Chillout on Kiss FM from 4th December '87. Tracklist is lovely


    Side A

    • Expressing My Thoughts... Tony Tee The Composer
    • Girls I Got 'Em Locked... Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
    • I Know You Got Soul... Eric B. & Rakim
    • Peter Piper (Instrumental)... Run-DMC
    • Cinderfella Dana Dane... Dana Dane
    • This Cut's Got Flavor (Instrumental)... Latee
    • Airbreak (Yvonne Mobley) into Chuck's set
    • On Fire... Tone Lōc
    • Rebel Without a Pause (Instrumental)... Public Enemy
    • Rebel Without a Pause... Public Enemy
    • Crimes of the City... Skinny Boys
    • Skinny & Proud... Skinny Boys
    • Skateboarding... ?

    Side B

    • You're a Customer... EPMD
    • Move the Crowd... Eric B. & Rakim
    • Funky (Instrumental)... Ultramagnetic MC's
    • Airbreak
    • ?
    • It's All About You... Cut King
    • I'm BAD... L.L. Cool J
    • It's My Thing... EPMD
    • No Self Control break
    • Airbreak with Chuck Chillout and Yvonne Mobley
    • I Want Her... Keith Sweat
    • Bring the Noise... Public Enemy

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    nice one

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    Awesome site, love how this is all in one place. No more combing through Soundcloud or Youtube



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