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    Bigg Vic - Fortune and Fame 20 Year Anniversary


    Extremely proud to present this tape, precious material from indie rap.

    Founder,Mc,Producer,Photographer - Legend Hip-Hop.
    20 Year Anniversary limited edition re-release of "Fortune and Fam" by Bigg Vic.
    Original production and madness flow.
    Debut cassette form 1997 was released on his independand label Phatt Pocket Entertainment. 500 copies, sold out in a week.

    In the mid of 90s recorded 12" on the label Phatt Pocket Entertainment indie rap groups "Buddah Bazz - Quote It 1997" & "Crime - Phatt Fluid 1994" and with his productions.
    From Living boom bap era 90s and influence hip-hop.

    Re-Release from the original cassette 1997 year.
    Setting-Up tapes offers 12 tracks all produced Bigg Vic.

    special for hip-hop headz.

    Buy Cassette
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