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    Afaik, Penny & Giles were never in the Vestax mixers from factory. I know i had to buy mine separate. But nowadays i've got a Rane ttm56 wich never wears out with it's magnetic faders. I remember those expensive as fuck purple Vestax battle mixers with the magnetic faders in them though..

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    ^Right on, that explains one of the many reasons Rane mixers are so expensive. The Penny and Giles faders don't really wear out but like anything with moving parts they definitely need a cleaning along with Rane's faders to keep the cross fade glide smooth. I found vids for Rane fader cleaning as well. I think to some degree every fader needs a little TLC now and again to keep cuts tight.

    Here's one of the few tip vids on cleaning the Vestax PMC Pro II

    Evidently you can put in various compatible faders which is a nice feature.

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    thanks for the responses people! good tips & vids. I'll start with the spray & if not get into some of the deeper techy shit. thanks.



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