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    We have 10 test presses of the forthcoming Truck 3,665 7" feat. Phill Most Chill available for sale. You may have seen that the pre-orders are already open in the other thread also. The tests were waiting on sticker printing but are now good to ship. They come in the generic ae company sleeve with sticker plus one sheet with rubber stamped label as with our usual tests.

    15 plus shipping - strictly 1 per customer - email phantasm38@yahoo.com or post here to reserve a copy. Don't send me any money until I confirm that there is a copy available please.

    If you didn't check the other thread yet here's the audio:-

    Side A: 3,665
    Raps: Truck & Phill Most Chill
    Beat by Sir Beans OBE
    Cuts: Mr Fantastic

    Side B: Right or Wrong
    Raps: Truck
    Beat/cuts: Mr Fantastic

    Truck TP.jpg

    Thanks in advance from Truck, PMC and ae!

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