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Thread: Punk Barbarians

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    Punk Barbarians

    I give Sex Prop Cream And The Drama In Between a spin every every so often and always wonder how the album passed me by at the time (I think I picked it up about 10 years ago). I don't remember it coming out or seeing in the record shops.
    I bought the Terminator X album with them on and thought they sounded rubbish on that so maybe I did see the album and just blanked it out due to their appearance on the Super Bad album.
    Terminator X wasnt so good at choosing vocalist for his album in my opinion Joe Sinister, Melquan, Flatliners all sounded sub par at the time.

    Anyways Punk Barbarians got off to a shaky start but produced a great album imo.

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    I had an evil dee radio show where he played the single so when the album came out i told my friend to cop it so i had a dub at that time.
    i have the single but didn't bother chasing the album.
    i quite like the joe sinstr verse on erick sermon first solo.
    krunchtime is not bad either, but i wonder if it's the same Melquan that was down with divine force and wu tang (can't trust discogs) as i think the krunchtime one was from L.I. while the Divine force one was from BK...anyone know for sure?

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    I absolutely loved the two Joe Sinister tracks mentioned (at the time). They were like an even more fucked up Redman sort of vibe. Punk Barbarians were one of those groups whose name intrigued me, but evidently not enough to cop any of their records.



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