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    It depends how the records are made. (production, mastering, material etc)

    7"s are more prone to Inner Groove Distortion.
    12"s The grooves are farther apart & it can be mastered at a higher volume.

    Music often get's split on a 45' as the track is to long to fit on a single side (part 1 & part 2)

    They are a lot nicer to carry about. I love the little labels & art work. A sh*t tonne of music is only released on a 45, same for 12"s & cassettes!

    It's all about the music.
    I get annoyed at the pointless reissues and ludicrous prices. 7" records are cheaper to make!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djmpfortyfive View Post
    hip hop 7" should be like this
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    just read about that in Scarface's book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raredave View Post
    just read about that in Scarface's book!
    still haven't read that book...anything interesting in it about the 7"?



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