Just wondering what those of you who are really digging the ongoing wave of hip-hop 7"s like and don't like about it?

I have seen in other threads that some of you definitely do not like it.

I'm generally into it. I haven't gone crazy to get everything that's released but I think having a lot of the classic 12"s from the 80s and 90s in a shrunken format is pretty cool.

A few questions I do have are:

Would you prefer having an LP version b/w the instrumental or remix, if one exists, or would you rather the remix be done separately and have the remix instrumental on the flip?

Do 7" collectors have a preference regarding centre hole? Does anyone even press little hole 7"s anymore?

And finally, If a classic 12" that didn't have full artwork, sticker only, were to be reissued as a 7" would you rather the 7" just be a scaled down version of the sticker cover or would you rather see artwork that actually exists for that release be used?

Anyone who really wants to have a conversation about this please get in contact with me.

Thanks for your collective input.