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are there any labels other than Daupe where this is even an issue?
Iíve seen some other limited releases suffering the same fate and imagine it will be happening in other genres too, itís essentially what has ruined Record.Store Day for a lot of people.
I donít think anyone begrudges someone making a profit or coming up lucky on a big find, itís the greed and the fact that those buying six copies stop other fans from buying their copy, plus I think itís the number of people doing it, itís not just one or two people, Iíve seen numerous fools on IG flossing their 6 copies of the latest Daupe.
Itís unhealthy for labels too, letís take Daupe as an example (their ears must be burning!) they may now think they have a fan base that will buy 1000 copies of their releases but when the hype blows over they could end up massively over estimating their market share.