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Thread: Goodfelons

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    Quote Originally Posted by raredave View Post
    Yes, John was in a pretty serious situation but managed to get the Kev E Kev vinyl shipped from NY to the UK so that I could distribute it for Kev.

    Can't really say much about Sean but he was on here as Spitler at some point, feel free to look up his comments.
    Props for getting the shipment done. Great project.

    Isn't the Roc Marcie digital only? Plus it's just a compilation of stuff they've released, produced by Arch Druids.
    I wouldn't be concerned about buying it, as it's instant download. (if you like buying digital music)

    My bad, just seen the vinyl pre order.

    Paypal will have should have your back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    it's just a compilation of stuff they've released, produced by Arch Druids
    I think the J-Force and Bankrupt Europeans remixes are on vinyl for the first time. From what I have learned paypal Germany just covers the risk for 40 days, with shipping in September an immediate pre-order leaves the risk with the buyer. Had a chat with the guy behind it and learned about his view on the past.Well, nobody knows what's true but not necessarily always the 1st story being published. I'll not share correspondence but for those being interested in future releases from the label it might be worthto get in contact first and make yourself a picture.

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    Yeah I saw that after I found the FB pre order page.
    It’s a nice release.
    I have the 7”s & not that fussed by those remixes (plus I’m skint)



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