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    LI // ATL // LDN // Worldwide

    Indy rap, random + classic 80's / electro 12"s (many STILL SEALED!!!), 45's, cassettes + CD's

    A few hundred vinyl LP's, 12"s & 7"s, Hip Hop cassettes & CD's available. Lots of rap 12"s. Sealed copy of that Big Tabb "Raw Dawg" (Philly indy), Sick Lunatix, Da Alliance, Thomasville Clique, Mobb Deep "Peer Pressure" test pressing and more!

    https://www.discogs.com/seller/crateinvader/profile. Use the filters to the left of the page to find what you need. Reputable seller with fast, secure shipping. Come check me out. Thanks in advance. Accurate descriptions. Professional service.

    I'm a Vinyl Veteran. Dusty.....never digital.

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    The garden of England, where all the flowers grow & people like me suffer from Hayfever!!
    Looking at placing an Order, are you Ok to have sent to my friend In NY?



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