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    Really Good Records. Plymouth.

    I know Stilts and a few others have been to the shop over the years so thought I'd post some info here for those that dont know but the shop has changed hands as Mike has sold the business.
    Its now owned by an old fella who it seems going to move the shop in a Classic Rock direction.
    Luckily there is another guy who works there who is into intersting stuff (I went in the other day and he was playing Spyder D) so lets hope he hangs around as he might have some infuence over the buying of stock.

    Really Good Records was a world class shop, it might not have been great for Hip Hop in recent years but for most generas especialy Disco, Electronic Oddities and Reagge it was amazing. Took many DJs in there over the years and they nearly always come away with some heat.
    The guys knew thier breaks too, there was often a "have you heard this" and they would proced to pull out some "not on Discogs" crazy drum break.

    This is in no way a diss to the new owner I wish him the best of luck but I got a very strong feeling he will not be stocking the kind of stuff I and many others went to the shop for.

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    Damn, thats sad news! Mike is a legend. Very knowledgeable & friendly guy.

    Really Good was my happy place when I lived in Plymouth. (by the roundabout, before he moved to the bus stop)
    Remember he lent me his Guru 'Ill Kids Presents' Promo cassette, so I could make a dub.
    I rinsed that tape for weeks on end.

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    Yes - was a great shop. Found a ton of nice Jazz, Latin, etc... in there on my visit - no Hip Hop worth bothering with when I visited as already alluded to. Let's hope it continues.



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