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    Listening deck recommendations

    Any recommendations?
    In an attempt to fill every room in the house with records, i'd like a listening deck for the front room.
    Rega Planar 1 seems to have good reviews.

    On a budget as I can't afford the O or the R, so will look to grab something second hand.

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    Got my Rega P3 from Gumtree for £100, worth checking smack converters for technics too as friends have managed to get them for under a ton. Styli and cart will be really important and I'd say get / try a cork mat too

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    Keep an eye out for a Yamaha YP-511. Ive had one for years and love it, Ive got a Garrard 401 collecting dust in my spare room as I prefere the YP-511 over the Garrad, and as you probebly know Garrads are hyped/loved to bits by hifi folk.
    They dont pop up very often but when they do ive seen them sell for about £100.

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    Second hand is the way to go if you are on a budget. But if you can find something at the right time or place it's pretty much all about luck. Every so often I see good used decks on craigslist. Often overpriced gear is more common but you can talk them down. Check the pawn shops too, sometimes they have nice stuff left behind from people who had to sell good equipment out of desperation. Not all pawn shops' gear is junk, but again, it's about timing.

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    Iíve got a Rega RP1 and a Project Debut and both are similar- they sound fine when the record is clean but arenít very forgiving when there are imperfections, whereas the 1210s will just plough on through.



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