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    Whirlwind D - 'BEATS BITS AND BOBS' EP SOLD OUT!!!!

    Evening All,

    Just a quick heads up to say my new EP is on sale now.....

    cover shot.jpg

    The EP has 4 tracks plus inst and acca. Tracks are as follows:

    1. Labels (featuring Djar One & Specifik)
    2. Reap The Whirlwind (featuring Phil Wilks & DJ Tones)
    3. Run Fast Remix (featuring Phill Most Chill, Miracle & Mr Fantastic)
    4. Radioactive Bass

    Here's the video of the first track...

    Here are samples of the tracks....


    The vinyl EP is 12.99 and available at:


    Digital release via Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc coming soon......

    launch poster 3 format.jpg
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