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    Exclamation Godfather Don / Jazz Spastiks Project - All Shipped!

    As you probably gather we're really proud of this project, which consists of an album of classic Godfather Don joints remixed by the Jazz Spastiks and a 12" featuring two brand new GFD joints.

    If you want to order please check out >>> www.freshpressings.com

    FPI015 - Godfather Don 'Jazz Spastiks Remixes' LP
    We first worked with Godfather Don back in 2007 with the highly sought after 'Slave Of New York EP' which was followed up by the 'Billy Bathgate' 12" in 2009.

    This new project features Jazz Spastiks remixes of 9 vintage mid 90s Godfather Don tracks, together with 3 interludes. Some remix projects don't work - but this one definitely does! The Jazz Spastiks have come through with another dope selection of carefully crafted dusty beats that perfectly suit Don's vocals recorded over 20 years ago.
    FPI015 audio snippets here:

    SIDE A:

    SIDE B:

    FPI016 - Godfather Don & Jazz Spastiks 'Gutter' / 'Ballistics' 12"
    New verses by Godfather Don are hard to come by, he's recorded one new vocal track in the past 13 years, so we were blown away to get two new tracks!

    This is a perfect collaboration with the Jazz Spastiks, Don's vocals were laid down in late 2017, JS's beats were cooked up in early 2018. Side A contains 'Straight From The Gutter' and Side B has the equally dope 'Kick The Ballistics'. Vocal and instrumental versions are included, plus a vinyl exclusive remix for both tracks.

    GFD has still got it!

    FPI016 audio snippets here:

    Both records are a limited edition of 350 copies, pressed on black vinyl 12" 33rpm.

    Shipping in mid October 2018.

    If you want to order please check out >>> www.freshpressings.com

    thanks for your support!
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    Bundle copped!

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    Bundle copped! Very dope indeed...Props as always DWG

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    Purchased, bundles gone sharpish!

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    Copped doubles of both LP and 12 for med and my friend Gus. Certified shureshot!

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    Order placed, crashed out on the sofa so missed the initial drop, first job of the day was placing my order. :-)

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    Copped. Mad props FP for this. Didn't bother with snippets, no brainer.
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    We've taken delivery of the wax... packing and shipping will be underway next week, an email will be sent once everything is shipped, hoping to have everything out the door by 15th October...

    As always any questions email store at freshpressings.com





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