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    Tom Dice- Rhythms of Dice LP

    After taking over 10 years to bring out it is finally here!! Only 130 copies left of 200


    Listen on soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/dontbiterecor...hythms-of-dice

    Available to buy here https://tomdice1.bandcamp.com/album/...thms-of-dice-2
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    nice one Tom - can't get the soundcloud link to work??

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    definitely in the past...
    for what its worth ... i can highly recomonend copping this and all of Tom’s releases if you havent already.
    Not that they sounds like Biz Markie but for me Tom always brings Biz Markie’s humour and funk to mind.
    dope Dope DOPE!!?
    Good luck Mr Dice.
    beats like ice cream, rhymes are like sprinkles...

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    Much thanks for that...big respect

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    I can't work out the problem. Probably samples lol....but people will hear the same music on the bandcamp link where there is also description of the LP. Thanks for the help Dave.



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