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    Gee Bag & Downstroke Heavy Baggage EP

    Hey guys, hope you don't mind my blatant bit of self promo, I've been lurking on the site for years but never jumped in to any threads. However, I think some of you guys (a few of whom I've met and know in the real world) might be appreciative of project I've produced that's just been released.

    Gee Bag & Downstroke - Heavy Baggage EP available on 12" vinyl, CD, cassette and download from Revorg Records


    A bit of background blurb, Gee Bag is rapper from South London with a long pedigree, his first foray onto wax was in 2000 as part of the crew 35 Above, then in 2006 he release the 12" Raindrops/Still Rocking as a solo artist on the Grinnin' label (as well as the album 'No Worries').

    This project came about after having worked with Gee for several years on the previous album 'Show & Tell' in 2013 and as part of the Gatecrasherz crew (alongside Big Toast, Jack Diggs & Oliver Sudden), whose album 'Uninvited' was released wax in 2016 on the Revorg label.

    Currently Gee 3x End Of The Week UK MC Champion (and world runner up in the 2018 EOW finals) and has also recently released singles with El Da Sensai and Neek The Exotic with the producer Sam Krats.

    I hope this is up some of your street, and if you want to cop the wax, please go to https://revorgrecords.bandcamp.com/a...-instrumentals. Any feedback would be gratefully received.

    Safe guys!
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    I really liked that.

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    definitely in the past...
    I’ve already copped this ... its hella dope. Good luck with it.
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    Sounding dope. Production and rhymes are sweet.
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    Yea Gee bag is dope! We hooked up with him the other day when we played the Chip Shop......great EP!
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    Kissy K, yes!



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