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    Brand Nubian - Where There's A Will, There's a Way (1997?)

    Came across this 3-song tape from the "Foundation" days. The other two tracks are easy to find, but has this one popped up anywhere else?


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    Ain't heard this one meself either. Obviously from their shelved 1997 album but not on the version of it which saw the light of day in 2007.


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    nice. On a related note I'd never heard The Foundation album but Shining Star popped up on that P Brothers 1Xtra mix I uploaded the other day and it's rather tidy. Puba on point.

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    Hope to hear the rest sometime

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    Holy Shit! Great find, brother. Brand Nubian have always been a personal favorite, and Foundation is a classic album. It's not on par with their first two LP's, but it's better than Everything is Everything (which ain't bad either). The return of Puba was a very big deal and the group managed to catch lightning in a bottle one last time. I think Foundation was Thank You 4 Your Service before Thank You 4 Your Service.



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