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    For Sale: 90 Era joints Sealed!

    Have the following records for sale, DM if interested... prices and condition below, all US first pressings.

    Biz Markie: Young Girl Bluez 12' (Sealed, promo notch bottom right) 7
    Lords of the Underground: Tic Toc 12' (Sealed, promo hole top right) 7
    Lakim Shabazz: Need Some Lovin' 12 (Sealed) 4
    Jungle Brothers: On The Run (Sealed) 7
    Pete Rock & Cl Smooth: Straighten it out (Sealed, notch cut bottom left) 16
    Rumpletilskinz: What is a Rumpletilskinz LP (Sealed, small promo hole top right) 30
    Lost Boyz: Music Makes Me High Remix (Mint vinyl Unplayed, Generic cover with hype sticker) 5
    Black Moon: How Many Emcee's (Near mint vinyl, generic cover with hype sticker) 5


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