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    DWG027 Social Deviantz & DWG7014 Ron B

    We're very pleased to announce we have two new releases going live at 7pm UK time today on the Boogie Down Barnes bigcartel store here:


    Details as follows

    DWG027 - Social Deviantz 'Essential Mental Nutrients' LP
    Originally released on CD and cassette in 1996 on Sugar Shack Productions out of Vancouver, Canada, Social Deviantz debut LP has gone on to become highly sought after and with good reason. Those in the know will tell you that this is one of the finest hip-hop albums to drop in 1996 and that's saying something in a year that gave us Stakes is High, ATLiens, Illadelph Halflife, The Score, Reasonable Doubt, Ironman, and Ridin' Dirty amongst others.

    Essential Mental Nutrients is hip-hop born out of youthful hunger and adversity, as well as a healthy appreciation for sampling and getting high, the very best type of hip-hop. Not the hip-hop of lazy established artists but the sound of a young trio eager to make a name for themselves in a city that, at the time, hadn't figured out how to monetize the hip-hop sound, much to the discontent of its many talented artists. DJ Junya's jazz influenced samples remind us very much of 93 'Til Infinity and set the perfect soundscape for MC's A-Train and Fatbone to weave their weed infused tales of growing up alienated by a city in a constant state of flux. As A-Train himself puts it so eloquently "Vancouver: Terminal City, part-time playground for the rich, where hippies go to be yuppies and yuppies go to be hippies... and promoters at bars and nightclubs were saying "rap isn't music" well into the nineties, while a slow-motion heroin apocalypse dovetailed with a massive influx of bad construction and foreign investment to produce the glittering world-class Olympic-level alienation we have today".

    Not only is this a great record musically, it is almost certainly our most professionally crafted release to date. The audio has been remastered by Grammy nominated sound engineer and longtime friend of the group, Greg the Stuntman, at Suite Soundlabs in Vancouver and sounds incredible, even if we do say so ourselves. It has also been pressed on 180g black vinyl to enhance the audio further. The same level of detail has been applied to the artwork too, with the original sleeve artwork recreated from the original images by former Sugar Shack owner and renowned Vancouver artist, George Vergette. Lastly, group member A-Train has put together a collage of photographs and commentary for our first ever printed inner sleeve. All in all a beautifully crafted end product.

    We have 200 copies of the LP available directly and would expect it to sell out, with another 100 split between the group and distribution. Anyone in Vancouver should be able to pick a copy up locally at Beat Street Records saving yourself a few bucks in shipping costs.

    We're incredibly proud to put this record out and we hope that this long-overdue vinyl release will finally earn the crew the props this record deserves, selected snippets are available for preview below:

    DWG7014 - Ron B 'Stitch By Stitch' / 'Live Entertainer' 7"
    Our second release requires no introduction, Ron B's 'Stitch By Stitch' has been a mainstay of every hip-hop collector's 'wants list' ever since featuring on DJ Ivory's 'Hear No Evil Vol. 2' mix back in 2003. It is arguably the most sought after hip-hop 12" in existence and has maintained it's high price over the years, featuring in Discogs 'monthly most expensive' list no less than NINE times over the years, something surely no other hip-hop record can match?

    We have it on 7" with full picture sleeve in two colorways, pink and black, with the pink copies being exclusive to the Boogie Down Barnes webstore.


    The wait is finally over, enjoy!
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