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    Exclamation 1987 female MC i.d.

    Good morning,

    Please could any of you ID the track at the 17 minute mark? Although the MC name drops several people in her crew, a few of us have looked and it doesn't reveal the artist with a swift Discogs / Google check. It's been suggested that it's Evette Money when I posted this earlier but I don't think it is on closer inspection.


    Thanks for your help! There's also a short but sweet Roxanne Shante interview on the clip too. It's interesting because she talks about plans for the LP that would be known as Bad Sister.

    Thanks for reading and have a good bank holiday weekend (if you're in the UK).
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    It sounds a lot like Ice Cream Tee (the same girl who did the record "Guys Ain't Nothin' but Trouble" answer to Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)



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