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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    Someone should set up an online seminar on 'How to run a music label"

    Topics include:

    Mastering digital music to vinyl.
    (Don't press up shitty sounding mp3 rips (that have been around for years) & press them to vinyl)

    Mastering any type of music to vinyl part 2
    (GET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Some record labels need this drilling into their headz.)

    Customer service techniques. (they keep you in business)

    How to make a website (include sound clips)
    How to charge for shipping (don't be a c*nt)
    How to pack & ship records (the basics)
    Pre orders : the do's & don'ts

    MUSIC IS EVERYTHING (Don't forget it, make it the best it can be)

    *Pre orders for this seminar start in the year 3000 and cost $100
    subscribe & save. no money back guarantee. $400 DEPOSIT REQUIRED. shipping & handling costs extra TBC
    Please note i'm only in it for the money. art work TBC. No artists were paid or acknowledged.
    Sounds good, hope I can get some time off in 3000 to make the seminar.
    "I have no idea what hammer time is, or how it differs from regular time" - Dexter Morgan.


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