here are som long time wants. Would pay good money for it. Might also consider trades. PM me.

Wanderers - Pages from the guide to survival
Skell - Icebergs
Crime Fam - Streets ain't the same
Various - Low Budget Butta
Metropolus - Frequently freakin freaquencies
SOP - Back up kid
Sherlock - Made to measure
D'Adore - Flow like a river
Blunted Crew - The triangle
Doublespeek - Trial by stone
Tribalife - Destination UNKNOWN
Endangered Species - No doubt
Boys about beats and lyrics - Foreplay
Lighter Shade - Shaolin Angel
Club Mecca - Guard Ya Life
Sun Risers - Real off the block
Raw Soul - Are u wit me
The Shark - For the fams
Real II Real - Flip off the vibe
Zu Ninjaz - Six sworsmen
Denocka - Within me
Bornsinnas - All it comes down
2 Steps beyond - Wake up
Blaze da Golden Jaw - Next year
Misphitz - Comin' with da flow
NYRU - 95 Live