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    rchecka - Dwight The Beat Farmer (Now Shipping)

    Sup Fam!

    My entire adult life I have been wanting to drop this and finally after 3 years of mixing and mastering I made this labor of love beat tape come to fruition. Over 120 different records and tapes were sampled directly from my collection to create this.

    Today I'm pleased to share my debut Instrumental Hip Hop / Electronic Music album, Dwight The Beat Farmer.

    30 Tracks, 63 minutes, DJ Mixed, zero filler.

    Hand numbered and limited to 50 CDs worldwide (about 20 CDs remain)

    Cassettes of this album are coming soon

    Make no mistake about this, this is NOT a cheeky beat album based on sampled voices from the Office (US Version). While one track does have a vocal sample from the TV series, this is definitely not that.

    Rather than try to explain what it is I'll let these brief selections of some reviews speak for themselves...


    A few reviews:

    "Dope instrumental album and concept by rchecka. Beats are really slick and creative.”

    - The Opus (Rubberoom)

    "Rchecka's approach is far more painstaking. It involves actually sampling hundreds of breaks from his own massive vinyl collection and then carefully assembling them into a dense, diverse, almost semi-avantgarde take on 90s boom bap"

    - Patient OT

    "The production value here is astounding. I cannot even begin to imagine how much of a nightmare it must have been to get the mix to be this dynamic while retaining the precious texture and character from all of the various source materials."

    - Record Crates United

    "I finally got it in the mail and was anxious to hear it but still half expecting a parody Office hip hop record......nope. It sure as hell was not that. At all. What we have here is an extremely well produced eclectic collection of tried and true instrumental hip hop beats. Culled from his vast collection of records. Rchecka's album criss crosses all over the spectrum of sampled vocals and loops. If I were to hand select something from this to be the single, it would absolutely be the track “Moog Knows No Rogue Diode” a fantastic beat acknowledging the age old and consistently fascinating concept of the spiritual and mental connection of human and technology."

    - Toothpick Nick


    ALSO: A few of you have expressed interest in my Stove Top Burners 7" slipmats after they sold out quickly last year. So I am offering them again (Limited to 10 pair) as a bundled option with Dwight the Beat Farmer.

    I am shipping Dwight the Beat Farmer CD and the "Beats Bundle" (Dwight CD + 2 Slipmats) worldwide. (Limit one per buyer)

    I hope my friends and fam from DWG don't hesitate to buy this directly from me, because I specifically made this for crate diggers like you guys. I put hundreds of hours into making this project something that I can be proud of and I am confident enough in to offer a satisfaction guarantee for all buyers.

    (CD insert folded inner)

    You'll find Dwight the Beat Farmer CD and the "Beats Bundle" here >> store.cratedigging.co

    There is no digital download and no online snippets other than 1 one minute snippet at my store. This is a physical only release and it will not be reupped on CD once the last copies sell out.

    Some of you already have a copy in hand or in transit, please sound off if you copped one, I really appreciate hearing the reviews!



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    I realize it's not exactly enticing without any sound clips so I decided to share a few tracks. The reason I didn't care to before is because this album is all over the place in terms of music styles and I don't want to misrepresent that by giving you small slivers of the entire multi-flavored pie. But then I realize I'm the same way as many of you are and you want to hear at least some of it first. IE, Sometimes you gotta taste the pie before you are going to buy it.

    So here's 4 of the 30 tracks. It's just a small sliver but a good sliver of the pie. Here's 2 instant mp3 downloads exclusive to this forum.

    Track 10: Classical Horizons

    Tracks 12-14 (12. Detergent High, 13. Bald Zilch, 14. Growing Beats)

    As you'll hear if you download, track 14 is the only track where I actually sample the TV series the Office. I actually like both the UK and US versions of the Office but again this is not really an Office themed beat tape.

    Thanks for listening fam. Mad respect to all who dwell here.

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    great work dude, just shared this on our FB account!

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    Many thanks RD and Mr Fantastic, much appreciated! And thanks to all who copped this over the weekend, you'll be the first to get my Dwight mailers LOL.

    BTW I was going to have Dwight's speech bubble say "Hey mailman, it's FRAGILE IDIOT!" because that's classic Dwight talk on the mailers but I decided not to tempt fate. I wouldn't want someone to go postal during it's journey. That's like insulting the cook before your food is served, bad idea.

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    Quick heads up... 5 copies remain, last call.

    Also, I gotta send out a big thanks to all who copped this! FYI all recently purchased packages are now in transit.

    I appreciate the support DWG fam!

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    Thanks to all who copped this album! The last CD sold out last night.

    FYI: All remaining orders will be shipped on next Tuesday, September 3 the day after the Labor Day weekend break.

    For those inquiring about the cassettes, the tapes are taking longer than expected to arrive but I will update this post once I have them stocked.



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