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    Production gear for sale - TC Electronic M300 & Drawmer MX50

    I've got 2 bits of 19" rack studio gear for sale so thought i'd post here incase anyone is interested before ebaying it.

    I'm looking for 125 each if possible but feel free to make an offer. Both in superb condition - only used in non smoking home studio and only very minimal marks around the rack ears and not scratched top and bottom as is often seen on 2nd hand rack gear. Both with original manuals. Email me for extra pics or info on phantasm38@yahoo.com

    TC Electronic M300 Multi Effects unit: superb dual engine effects unit which can be routed so that you can use the 2 engines independently of each other so the left and right channels work as effectively 2 separate effects units. Features 15 different Reverbs, a few different delays, De-Ess, Compressor, Vintage Phaser, Tremeloe, Chorus, Flanger, etc... Superb quality effects plus user presets for instant recall. Midi controllable.


    Drawmer MX50 De-Esser: De-esser for vocals but also as it has a split band can also be used to tame other sibilent sounds such as over aggressive cymbals. Top notch piece of kit. The 'air' function is switchable which preserves upper harmonics usually cut by de-essing for better clarity.


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    would love to won these. I wouldn't know how to use them properly, but they look serious.

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