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    Yep, as soon as I asked the question I saw it everywhere! Thanks guys.

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    I agree with everything said here......especially with the Q-Tip/Ne-Yo tracks. Best track on the LP is the Militia IV


    Quote Originally Posted by djfilthyrich View Post
    I loved the album....has that vintage Preemo sound, and is better than most of his beats that I've heard released after the last Gang Starr album. You can tell the project meant a lot to him on a personal level, and he went in with that in mind.
    Like Step mentioned, the Q-Tip mouth-gun sound effects were weird (sounds like he was listening to too much Westside Gunn lately), and wasn't a fan of the Ne-Yo feature. Other than that, it's a dope album. To get a 90's-type of project like this in 2019 is really a gift IMO



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