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    Opportunity to take this thread into the real world:


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    Hell On Earth is cool but the The Infamous was such a hard act to follow that I was happy with the tunes from it I taped off Westwood but wasn't impressed with what I heard enough to go and but the wax at time of release. I did buy Hell On Earth a few years back though and think it's nice album, just not up there with The Infamous for me.

    I remember Soul Man writing a column about albums with obscure interesting samples and Hell On Earth was one that he listed (Black Sunday was another).

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    Those little prelude skits always bugged me and 'Drink Away the Pain' sticks out like a sore, ugly thumb. Hell on Earth is simply the better album. Every track is a classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slappy White View Post
    The Infamous was more impactful, and Shook Ones Pt. 2 was a massive song, but Hell On Earth is the superior album. It has a richer sound, Prodigy's lyrics are better, and the entire project is more consistent throughout.

    The best songs on It Was Written are arguably better than the best songs on Illmatic. But I do think that Illmatic is a much better album.

    Incidentally, did anybody know that 'Live Nigga Rap' from It Was Written was originally recorded for Hell On Earth? It's a banger, too.
    I don't think I could disagree with this more strongly, especially the Nas bit... but we're all entitled to our own opinions...

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    Yup... and I elucidated on my opinions... instead of just fading off.....

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    Every album by Blu after Below the heavens was shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by james View Post
    Every album by Blu after Below the heavens was shit.
    i personally would disagree with this, but he definitely peaked with that joint.

    i still enjoyed Jesus and Her Favourite Colour, but they do get a bit hit and miss after that

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    Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me LP

    When I first heard 'Movements' on a promo cd, before the 'Brand New Second Hand' landed, I was hyped for the album. Then saw him / them at the Glastonbury hip hop sunday, very low key, but decent.

    First album Still holds up today. But Run Come Save Me was such a let down. Then he turned up at the following Gllastunbury, in a pink jump suit & wellingtons. A FAR departure from what made him good.
    Not liked anything after & stopped checking.

    Do like my cheese on toast though & the dub album.

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    Run Come Save Me has Swords In The Dirt though which bangs.
    Couple of other decent tracks on there from what I remember. After that LP he started going too weird for me.

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    Master Ace / Sittin' On Chrome

    Not sure how I'd feel about the album now (I've not heard it since it came out) but this was a huge disappointment to me after SlaughtaHouse.
    The change of vibe/direction didn't work for at all.

    I remember some friends felt the same about SlaughtaHouse, they didnt like Ace coming with the Crazy Drunken Style and wanted more Take A Look around style stuff.
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