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    Technics DMC VHS Wanted

    Not been on here for years but wanted to ask any of you guys if you still have any of the older DMC videos in your possession and would like to sell them to someone who wants to archive them all (like myself).

    I am looking for any of these

    Any of the UK Finals from 1988 - 1997
    Any of the USA Finals from 1989 - 1995
    Both European Finals 1989 & 1990
    I have an original of the 1988 Eliminations but it's a bit jumpy so need a better original
    Last but needed very much is the 1990 World Eliminations

    Someone must have one of these collecting dust PM me if you want to get rid or would be willing to send them to me (will also send them back asap) so I can capture them and I will sort you out with all the conversions I have already done of my own in return.

    Many thanks


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    I have a bunch of these - i'll check and let you know for defo. Might take little while as not long moved and still in a bit of disarray.

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    That's brilliant mate thank you. I have been trying to get all the ones I sold years ago DMC helped me quite a lot but they just don't seem to have any on VHS anymore (I'm so stuck in the 80's).

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    I have these - all cassettes are great condition and with original boxes, however there is a little sun bleaching on the spines:-

    The Summit
    1995 US final
    1995/6 US final
    1998 UK final
    2000 US final

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    I have this one but won't get my hands on until end of the year as it stayed in the player
    at my parent's home last time I visited them.
    What kind of archiving you are talking about ?
    I can consider trading when I'll get it.
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    Hi guys thanks for both of you replying to my request.

    @ mrfantastic

    The only one I need out of those is the 1995 USA final I have the rest.

    @ babylonbwoy

    No good to me that sorry, the only ones I am looking for are the ones noted in my original post I have all the other DMC videos.

    I have captured and converted all my VHS videos to the highest quality you can do a search on youtube and you
    will see my captures shared everywhere. I even captured and converted them for DMC which are shared on their youtube page and their homepage the ones with the DMC logo added are my captures and all the new ones coming up on certain pages are also mine. Seeing as DMC don't care about the earlier years anymore this is why I am trying to archive every year noted in my original post.

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    Ok didn't understand that you were looking only for those mentioned in OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylonbwoy View Post
    Ok didn't understand that you were looking only for those mentioned in OP.
    No worries mate just glad someone replied.

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    @ mrfantastic

    I sent you a message but I can't tell if it went it's not saving to my sent box for some reason.



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