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    Advice on Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee

    So, I know there are people here who are pretty well travelled. Following my next work trip I'm planning a road trip in the US south. Very rough route is Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, Nashville, Chattanooga, back to Atlanta.

    I have no idea if anyone here can help but I'm looking for record stores (obviously) and anything else interesting including sights, bars, restaurants, anything else. Let's hear it!

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    Been a while since I made the drive from Nashville to Charlotte but it was a beautiful drive. Nashville didn't turn up much of interest in terms of records but it's a fun city.

    I'd head over to Facebook if you're on there and hit up Oxygen. He's in Georgia now and might have some insight for the ATL area.

    I'd be looking at flea markets and thrifts in all those states for records. Especially GA and NC!

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    I hear there is a Choo Choo Train in Chattanooga that's a must see.

    Forget records just eat BBQ.

    The more hood the spot the better in my experience.
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    Didn't have time to do any digging in Atlanta, think there are some good spots in Little Five Points though. Freeway into the city is mad.

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    Nashville has a the Great Escape. Will fill your need for Funk, Soul and Jazz

    Asheville has a decent store called Harvest Records. Mixture of Rap, Rock, Funk, Jazz (new and used). I copped an OG copy of Dorothy Ashby - Afro Harping (sealed). Anyways worth the hunt.

    Good luck



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