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    New releases - live in the Boogie Down Barnes store now!

    Before we get started let me state the following:

    1) There's a LOT to take in here so TAKE YOUR TIME and make sure you order everything in one order if possible, nothing is going to sell out in the first 24 hours (other than the red Baritones, if you want one of those be quick!)

    2) Big Cartel is shit at combining shipping on international orders, so you may end up overpaying for shipping, if your actual shipping cost as shown on the stamp is more than 2 less than what you paid let me know when you receive your package and I'll refund the difference.

    3) Conversely, due to the number of items available some orders may exceed 2kg and incur extra shipping costs. Most of you will know that this equates to roughly 8 x 12"s so you will have an idea as to whether this is likely to apply to you.

    4) Unless you pay for the 'signed for' shipping upgrade you will NOT have a tracking number. Please don't e-mail me asking for a tracking number if you have not paid for signed for shipping. I don't usually recommend signed for as very few packages ever go missing and Royal Mail compensation covers you up to 20. However as these orders are likely to be much bigger than 20 this is something you may wish to consider.

    5) I aim to start shipping on Friday 6th December. You will receive a shipping notification from Big Cartel once your order has been packed. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive this.

    6) I am now away on vacation until 3rd December so I will not be answering questions, amending orders or generally servicing any requests until I'm back from vacation.

    Link to the store is below, the items may display over more than one page so again PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME and get your order right first time!


    So what's on offer?

    Baritone Tiplove - More Amazing Stories! Vol. 3 (180g blue, 140g black and 180g red 'promo' copies) bundled with an exclusive 7"
    Exclusive to DWG these bundles contain the third and final instalment of our 'Amazing Stories' series of Baritone Tiplove releases as well as an exclusive 7" single containing a previously acetate only Baritone Tiplove 'live' routine. The red copies are limited to 20 so be quick if you want one of those.

    Phill Most Chill - Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip / Damage 7"
    Not much we need to say about this one, the fast rap anthem from All Cuts Recorded Raw backed with possibly Phill's hardest face melter of all time... essential stuff!

    E.Q. - The Swellsville Sessions EP (11 tracks so more like an LP!)
    You may not have heard of it but E.Q.'s 'Swellsville' is both the greatest unreleased hip-hop album of the golden era and the greatest hip-hop record ever to emerge from Canada. A bold statement for sure but simply put, if 'Critical Beatdown' had a younger Canadian cousin then Swellsville would be it. Whilst we continue to work to secure a release of the full album we have this collection of tracks taken from their early sessions for Infinite Beat, comprising never heard before tracks as well as completely different mixes of tracks that would go on to feature on Swellsville. This may be the most important record we've ever released in terms of its significance to the region from where it originated (Vancouver). E.Q. (in particular Ease (RIP) and Kilocee) are legends in the city, we hope you enjoy discovering why!

    E.Q. - They Can't Cope EP
    For those unfamiliar with E.Q.'s "Put Your Body In It" 12", it might be a contender for the poorest choice of single of all time which, until recently, could easily be found online for a dollar. Tucked away on the B-side however is "They Can't Cope" a much better reflection of what this crew were all about. In contrast, the cassette release of "They Can't Cope" is currently, somewhat optimistically we might add, available on Discogs for a cool $350! This E.P. comprises three of the tracks from that cassette release, together with previously unreleased instrumentals, as well as two additional never before heard vocal tracks that didn't fit (both literally and artistically) on our Swellsville Sessions E.P. Of particular note, "Too Much For The Mental" is as good as anything from the early 90's and we only wish we had been able to get a cleaner audio transfer from the original tapes for this track, it still sounds good but it's not perfect.

    The Basement - Selections From Stargazing LP
    "Stargazing: Just Another Late Night" is the 2002 sophomore release from underground Cali (Fresno) crew the Basement. Like many noughties releases it never saw a vinyl pressing although the CD is highly sought after amongst collectors. Comparisons to both Hiero and Binary Star are not uncommon and give you an idea of what to expect from this talented crew. For this release we worked with producer Markis Precise to select our favourite cuts from the CD release to put onto this first vinyl pressing... all killer, no filler, don't sleep!

    Don't Believe The Hype Stickers - Packs 3 & 4
    Our hype stickers collaboration with the supremely talented Mr Krum continues with Pack 3 focusing on the 80's and Pack 4 focusing on the 90's. Both packs include the TEN stickers shown plus some bonus stickers that will remain a secret for now.

    That's all folks, as ever thanks for the continued support. We're truly humbled to be sharing these recordings with the world and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!
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