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    I can't help but love tracks from the 1st album: Men at work, Truly yours and rhymes i express

    Bass, snare in your eardrum
    Musical outcome, lyrical tantrum

    Energy enters me, power absorbed
    Phonograph arts and crafts mic warlord
    Kool G Rap the lyric dictator
    DJ Polo the fader operator

    and also Talk like sex and Lifestyle of the rich & famous

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    New Forest, UK
    So many....my top 5 in no particular;ar order would be....

    1. Poison
    2. Kool Is Back
    3. It's A Demo
    4. Men At Work
    5. Streets Of New York
    Marching across this war-torn land, Liberty Grooves is here to bruise the bland...




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    Quote Originally Posted by stilts View Post
    yeah that version is so much better than the shit version they released in the mid 90s

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    Oct 2006
    The Norwich Boogie Down
    Rhyme Time
    Butcher Shop
    Bad to the Bone (LP Version)
    Ill Street Blues
    Executioner Style
    aka DJ JUST-1............. "So what you on, huh, dope or dog food?"

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    been playing a LOT of Road To The Riches lately... on tape

    has anyone noticed the ill 808's (or something similar) on the chorus of Men At Work? crazy shit...

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    Odense, Denmark.
    No particular order:

    Ill street blues
    Talk Like Sex
    Wanted dead or alive (Remix)
    Bad to the bone
    Take em to war Remember pressing repeat leaving my friends apartment on the 4th floor with door and windows opened going to get brews. Walking out of the store 300 meters down the road I rapped along Grimms verse. We bumped that first solo album heavily.



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