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View Poll Results: Crooklyn Dodgers Part 1 VS Part 2

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  • Part 1 with Buckshot, Special Ed and Masta Ace

    11 73.33%
  • Part 2 with OC, Chubb Rock and Jeru

    4 26.67%
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    Crooklyn Dodgers Part 1 vs. Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers

    OK. Buddies of mine were going back and forth. Both were huge when they dropped and I still blast this to this day.

    If I had to pick one, I think I'm going with Primo.

    Which do you guys prefer?

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    both are amazing... but Part 1 is a better collaboration with more switching between the mcs throughout the track... Part 2 is just 3 verses

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    Both great track but I sold both of them recently as Ive heard them too many times.
    I gave both a play before they went into the record mailer and off to their new owner and I liked Part 1 the best as I really liked Special Ed's bits on it.

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    Part 1 without a doubt...

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    The garden of England, where all the flowers grow & people like me suffer from Hayfever!!
    Part 1 all the way

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    Part 2 because Chubb Rock and use in Clockers. Those chimes are Ill.
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    Will listen again before voting. I'm unsure.

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    I'd Rather Jack
    Part 1.

    The only bad thing about part 1 is Special Ed sounded so good on that beat it inspired him to record a whole fake Boot Camp album as his comeback LP. A big mistake which the Primo remix of Freaky Flow helped rectify.
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