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Thread: MF Doom Passed?

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    massive archive of DOOM interviews here to download - magazine scans + audio.

    MF DOOM Interviews (mediafire.com)

    Not checked it myself yet but definitely one to bookmark

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    Enjoyed listening to this, just a few guys nerdig out about Operation doomsday.


    Im actually really liking the Crate 808 Podcast, often have it on when out for a walk/doing the dishes ect.

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    DOOM - Gazzilion Ear

    We all agreed this is the G.O.A.T instance of posthumously jacking Dilla beats?

    Cam'Ron - That's Me (MF DOOM blend)

    Forgot how good this blend is. Original was peak Cam ig'nance with a shitty keyboard beat, but DOOM's beat is some proper cinematic Bernard Hermann type shit. Blew my mind when I found out the sample came from some Japanese cartoon

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    https://youtu.be/NvXR6D-Ti08 I've been enjoying this recently RIP DOOm

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    The Prime Minister talking about Doom:



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