Man... Talib Kweli is the one - he frequently infuriates me! Not always the opinions themselves, but the 0-100 aggression that he communicates with. His ego is next level!

But I also enjoy it in a perverse kind of way - I am pretty disciplined at not wading into the comments section on social media platforms (although I have definitely composed a few ranty responses before hitting delete - which is kinda cathartic and also means you avoid the blow back from the uber fans... and in Kweli's case - himself). I don't go on facebook or twitter too often and only follow musicians/labels on IG so sort of see it as my bubble bursting window into the wider world of general ignorance about everything.

It's is thoroughly depressing to see how much hate people fire at each other online though and I don't like the way a trip into the comments has the potential to have a genuinely negative impact on your mood and leave you fearing for humanity... it's almost certainly healthier to not spend any time at all on social media!