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    Nas - Good Morning

    Another good Nas track that didn't make the LP. Presumably Streets Disciple in this case.

    Is this 12" legit though? I seem to remember a red label Columbia version but maybe I imagined it.


    Looks a bit like the OG Streets Disciple track with the G Rap beat before they had to replay the sample for the rubbish LP version


    Always thought my one of these was a boot too but with people removing that info from Discogs to stop it getting blocked from sale it's harder to tell.

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    i can't say with 100% confidence, but i have another Nas 12 from that era which looks exactly like the Good Morning labels, that i had always presumed was legit - it seems if they came out on Ill Will they had the white label, whereas the Columbia/Ill Will releases had the red label.

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    Is it just me or am i the only one who think these are bootlegs?

    The print seems a little off compared to other Columbia releases.




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