We have a couple new 7"s dropping today but also I realize that I didn't update here on the previous 2 releases so here are 4 new ones:-

AE042 - Mr Fantastic - Breakdown feat. Teekay (of Dragon Fli Empire)
AE boss returns with Breakdown featuring Teekay with Instrumental on the flip. Hand painted sleeve artwork by Turroe One and design and layout by Nick @ Fine Print.

Breakdown Front.jpg

AE043 - Ill Treats & Glad2Mecha - Make It Happen (feat. Grand Puba) Mac McRaw Remix
Killer new remix from Vinyl Veterans SP1200 maestro taken from the 2019 The Return LP. Sleeve design by Mr Krum with a nod to the Elektra Records design.


AE044 - Sir Beans OBE - Part Of It (feat. Kelz) b/w DEF = Defeat Evil Fools (feat. Zaeb Dust, Blaktrix and Medusa)
New pair of beauties from ex-Parlour Talk DJ/producer featuring Kelz of 3PM - the first Bristolian crew to release Hip Hop on vinyl, b/w DEF= Defeat Evil Fools feat. Zaeb Dust (of Enginz), Blacktrix (Ruztik Records) and Medusa (of Project Blowed, LA). Sleeve design by Nick @ Fine Print.

Beans 7 Front.jpg

AE045 - Chrome+ - Popcorn (produced by Djar One) b/w Pieces Will Align (Produced by Stevie Ebola)
New fast rap belter from one of the UK's most prolific MC's with new Chrome+ project which features live instruments augmenting the heavy drum breaks. Sleeve design by Leon Nocklolds.


AE042 and AE043 were dropped around a month ago and AE044 and AE045 are released today although direct orders from AE are already shipping. Due to ongoing covid measures at the pressing plant meaning limited onsite staff pressing times have been al over the place and even though we spaced out the orders we happen to have all 4 of these delivered close together but we're thankful to have them at last and at least dropping in pairs saved on shipping for anyone copped both.

Cost for each is 8.99 plus shipping - standard black vinyl dinked 7" supplied in full colour card sleeve as usual.

Thanks to everyone for orders already received.