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    New AE 7" - J & Mo feat. G Roc Gayle - immediate shipping!

    New 7" from J & Mo - Rhymes Be Bomb feat. Emcee G Roc Gayle (of Piece of Mind/The Vibe Drops) b/w Pelottaa feat. HP Lovescratch of Cut Beetlez. Immediate shipping for direct orders but official distribution release date is March 11th. Digital will be released with the distro date so only vinyl copies direct are early.

    You may know J-Man as half of the Cut Beetlez who supplies keys and turntable here with DJ Mo Money on beats. Taken from an album in the works right now with just a few tracks left to complete. The b-side is exclusive to this 7" and is an instrumental cut featuring J-Man's fellow Cut Beetle HP Lovescratch who supplies a rare vinyl appearance of beatbox. The album features some instrumental cuts much in the vein of this one so included here for value for hard earned money and to give a flavour of the LP.

    This is slightly earlier than planned as we still cannot order 12" releases at the plant and are still waiting on an EP release that won't be ready for a few months that has been waiting since last year. In the meantime we can run 7"s so we're getting those done to pass the time until we can crack on with a load of EP and LP releases.

    Sleeve design by Mr Krum who has recreated a WW2 era board game but switches out the bombs for microphones - something that a lot of the rest of the world needs to do. Rhymes not bombs is the message here to coincide with the metaphor of the song.

    We're tired of manufacturing delays which then causes us to disappoint customers so as of now unless absolutely necessary AE is ditching pre-orders. Immediate shipping from now on all releases unless stated otherwise.

    Cost is 8.99 each from www.ae-productions.co.uk plus shipping.

    Thanks in advance for all orders - always very much appreciated on behalf of AE and the artists!

    Audio clip:-



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    gots mine! nice 45 on all fronts!

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