Right as some of you might know I've brought a whole bunch of records lately (4000-5000) mainly from 2 collections, one unknown and a lot of rare dogs from our very own DWG head honcho Chr!s..
I do have a lot of the Ivory / Mao type things along with a lot of real nice 90's classic's & some UK rap that need love in 2007 too!
I will be starting listings tonight on Ebay, the link below should work after say 8-9pm but will be also be taking wants lists at [url=mailto:johnnyroast@hotmail.com">johnnyroast@hotmail.com[/url]
I also want to do some private auctions and priced lists through DWG.
Rarers that sping to mind - Break A Bitch Neck TP, 800 Money, Another 1-4-U-2-N-V, Beatnuts - Fluid TP, Cobra MC's, Back To The Lab comp, Dope And A Gun...well that's up to the letter D :bigsmile:

I don't have all the records to hand yet so bare with me but will try and get some priced lists up, auctions etc here on this thread soon, in the meantime if you want to send me any wants lists or offers hit me up!
Thanks kids
J Roast.


Forgot to say I also have a lot of stuff listed on Discogs too (which isn't on Ebay) -