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    I'm listening to Side B, track 2, For All Ya'll feat. Heather B.
    and she says ''Mister Walt, Evil Dee, Five eff tee, no doubt''
    and then SKIP!
    When I look at the vinyl under a magnifying lens I can see that
    there are several blank spots where the groove is not present, just dead wax.
    This seems like a totally intentional pressing defect.
    There are about four blank spots in the groove.
    The needle jumps over to the next inside groove.

    Is yours like this?

    ( I just got this. It's a great album. I love Beatminerz. )

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    moon base alpha
    man, that tune hold such great memories, i jumped through a car window to that tune. no jokes :devil:

    as for the whole, busting out a magnifying lens, and looking at your wax.. quality !!
    seem's a very strange defect to have, and would p*ss me off, so i hope it's just a one off

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    ha never noticed this but mine has that too..strange

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    my copy has exactly the same.. always thought I bought an effed-up copy but I guess not then..



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