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LOL you supported that Brixton Drill group?

Did you chat to them?

I lived in Brixton Hill in late 90's for 2 years and while it could be a bit wild it certainly wasn't like the South Side Of Chicago.

Brixton itself is so gentrified its hard to take this stuff seriously despite the tabloids making it sound like a war zone in London.
Yeah, they were from Brixton. Tbh, barely anybody was even taking me on, mainly cos i look very very out of place at a gig like that. I tried to chat to some of the grime djs who were on before us, but i didn't realise that they were like proper producers who have actual respect on the scene, so i was summarily pied off and they went back to playing upcoming releases on Rotpot records to each other enthusiastically on their phones. Fair enough tbh.

The Brixton lot weren't acting like gangsters or anything, they were very professional, rocked up about ten minutes before the show, got some photos with folks backstage, did the show, took some more pics with people backstage, then jetted off to the afterparty.

Here's my view from the first night.


I don't really know the vibe on this board yet, and whether i am supposed to hate every hip hop release after Eric B For President or w/e, but i thought it was a really good show.