Yeah, I know most of you already did this once, but now's a chance to reinvent yourself!
(I'm trying to make it sound exciting instead of annoying!)

Who are ya? What do ya do? Where are ya from? Where ya at?

I'll start...

I'm Chr!s... I'm 30 and live in London, where I work at a creative agency I started back in 1999 with a couple of other guys. Some of you might remember me as the founder and editor of Spinemagazine up until 2004.
Married, no kids (yet), huge fetish for good hip-hop music and sneakers.

I grew up trying to interact with as many aspects of hip-hop culture as I could, from b-boying through to graffiti, but I've continually bought records through all the years.
The past few years have been focused on filling in the gaps in my collection from 1988-1994ish - my favourite records in the crates would include Main Source's 'Breaking Atoms', the early DITC records (they shaped my early 1990's considerably) and the Street Sounds Electro albums. Of the 'random rap' era, it's things like the IBM Nation EP that float my boat and I'm definitely partial to a little of the 'high speed hip-hop' genre (Percee P/Sudden Def/Cage1 etc.).

Random facts

1) I was a serious skater in the 1980's/90's. I've been skating for over 20 years, although not as much these days as I used to.
2) Necro once pulled a knife on me in Brooklyn. During that same trip, I also witnessed Kurious Jorge vacuum my friend's apartment at 1am.
3) I've got roughly 3600 records. All hip-hop. I could probably cull half of those and still exist quite happily.
4) I've got a cockatiel called Pickles. He loves M.O.P.

There ya go... over to you! :bigsmile: