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    NEW MEMBERS - Please Introduce Yourself!

    Yeah, I know most of you already did this once, but now's a chance to reinvent yourself!
    (I'm trying to make it sound exciting instead of annoying!)

    Who are ya? What do ya do? Where are ya from? Where ya at?

    I'll start...

    I'm Chr!s... I'm 30 and live in London, where I work at a creative agency I started back in 1999 with a couple of other guys. Some of you might remember me as the founder and editor of Spinemagazine up until 2004.
    Married, no kids (yet), huge fetish for good hip-hop music and sneakers.

    I grew up trying to interact with as many aspects of hip-hop culture as I could, from b-boying through to graffiti, but I've continually bought records through all the years.
    The past few years have been focused on filling in the gaps in my collection from 1988-1994ish - my favourite records in the crates would include Main Source's 'Breaking Atoms', the early DITC records (they shaped my early 1990's considerably) and the Street Sounds Electro albums. Of the 'random rap' era, it's things like the IBM Nation EP that float my boat and I'm definitely partial to a little of the 'high speed hip-hop' genre (Percee P/Sudden Def/Cage1 etc.).

    Random facts

    1) I was a serious skater in the 1980's/90's. I've been skating for over 20 years, although not as much these days as I used to.
    2) Necro once pulled a knife on me in Brooklyn. During that same trip, I also witnessed Kurious Jorge vacuum my friend's apartment at 1am.
    3) I've got roughly 3600 records. All hip-hop. I could probably cull half of those and still exist quite happily.
    4) I've got a cockatiel called Pickles. He loves M.O.P.

    There ya go... over to you! :bigsmile:

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    Oct 2006
    Boogie Down
    Yo 'record-sniffer' aka 'dusty-fingers (eBay)' aka 'DJ Just-1 (the Orginal)' is who i am...

    Live in Norwich, UK (A fine City), the home of Colmans Mustard, Delia Smith and Alan Partridge. Been in to Hip hop music and the culture since the early 80's, starting off collecting tapes and vinyl, and attempting to do Grafitti and Break dance. Started collecting vinyl a bit more about 86 then got my first SL1200 turntables in 88 when i started to DJ, nothing has really changed since apart from now i work 9-5 for an IT/Pharmacy company as a Hardware Technician in the Customer Services dept. And records have got more expensive... Still love it, still DJ out reguarly and have a Scottie Dog called 'Clive, the original gangster'. I like to collect sneakers (Nike Air Force 1 mainly).

    I WENT TO UK FRESH 86!!!
    aka DJ JUST-1............. "So what you on, huh, dope or dog food?"

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    Oct 2006

    I'm Aziz aka Azeez aka Record Inspector
    Like most here I'm into late 80s/early 90s Hip Hop, but collect all years. Everything that's good, though in the last years only a few "current releases" made into my crates. I Live in Vienna, Austria and probably mentioned a million times how terrible this country is for a digger :cry:
    Feel free to check my website [url=http://www.recordinspector.com">www.recordinspector.com[/url] for some out-of-print vinyl

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    Oct 2006
    Pete, 33, from sunny Hertfordshire.

    First heard rap in ’83 – but got in to the music properly in ’85 thanks to Mike Allen and the Streetsounds Electro series.

    Never had much money to buy records as a kid, but trying my hardest to catch up these days.

    It’s good to be in here to connect with you all, listen to your stories and discover the new records to add to my “needs” list.

    Glad the Forum’s back up…….I was just about to book myself in to the Priory…..


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    Oct 2006
    Port Lairge
    Hello all

    John, 26........have about 2000 records (although I no longer give a shit about quantity, its all about quality now) 85-90% of which are hip hop.

    I'm mainly into old school 79-82 & late 80s/ealry 90s stuff.

    My top 3 80s hip hop tracks would be
    T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - Its Yours
    Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 3
    Ultramagnetic MCs - Ego Trippin

    Top 3 Hip Hop albums
    Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Beatdown
    Kool G Rap & Polo - Road to the Riches
    De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising

    Top 3 random/fast rap tracks
    Kool Kev - My Experience
    Foundation 7 - Compredator
    Charm One - I Get Hype

    Favourite stuff thats not rap
    DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
    Stone Roses - S/T
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

    My myspace address is


    feel free to hit me up there, got some nice rare labels in my pictures section
    ...they talk about me over cups of tea, I'm Mercury over cups of tea, I'm Mercury over cups of tea...

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    I'm 34 and got into rap in 1984 when I bought the Step Off/The Message 12". Around 1989 I got the UBB records and then started buying samples and breaks. I was able to listen to hip hop and other musical forms until about 1993 and then I seriously lost interest in hip hop. My record buying then mainly covered 60's pop/psych/soul/funk/jazz/easy and even some folk/country. In early 2000 I started to listen and purchase some old hip hop again, which is pretty much where I'm still at. These days I'm quite happy that I can listen to a Beach Boys LP and then throw on a classic hip hop record. Probably own about 6000+ LP's/12's (about 1500 would be hip hop).

    Wish I'd discovered ebay/online buying years ago as I've obtained some lifetime wants in all genres just in the last couple of years.

    Oh, I like road cycling, dislike working in the Civil Service and hate digging in the North East of England....it's shite!

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    Oct 2006
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Jesper, 37, from Copenhagen. Work with communication and PR.

    Love rap records, movies, modern art, candy. Make independent hiphop documentaries (myspace.com/busybodyfilms) and DJ occasionally.

    Memorable rap related moments include: Meeting and interviewing Kid Capri, Showbiz, Diamond, Godfather Don, Mr. Walt, Evil Dee, Rise, Ge-ology, Sub-Con, Busta, Kurious Jorge and more.

    Love to get excited about new rap records, like Pete Rock introducing The UN etc.

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    Oct 2006
    Daniel, 27, from Braunschweig Germany. My home town is maybe known for the yearly international Battle of the Year breakdance contest. I'm buying records for 11 years now, mostly hip hop but also some rock, funk, soul and 80's pop.
    Oh and in my spare time I'm studying architecture!

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    Atilla 32, From leerdam the netherlands.

    Been listing to rap since I think 1985

    Have about 1500 to 2000 records mostly rap fave periods are 1979-1983 and 1987-1994

    Thats all I have to say folks :bigsmile:

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    Oct 2006
    Im Paul, 31. Originally from a small town outside Glasgow called Lanark, now living in Brockley, London with my good lady. Got into hiphop at a young age by being obsessed with Public Enemy, De La etc and would buy things here and there through the years. Didnt obsessively (although not in some of you guy's standards) pursue my record buying exploits with solely hiphop till about 5/6 years ago. Before that I was obsessed with buying Electro, Detroit Techno, Chicago House etc, and would listen and pine over my good friend and ex flat mate Tombo's collection of hiphop while taxing any tunes I could of his.
    Now Im playing catch up from the years that Ive missed, buying all sorts of hiphop including some funk, reggae, soul and bits of jazz here and there and enjoying being educated by many folks on this and similar forums.
    I used to be a so called Graphic Designer, now Im an secondary Art teacher in Croydon.

    I dj on the odd occasion with the aforementioned tombo and Mr Keith the peace at various places around London that'll take us.

    Been really enjoying being a part of this forum, cheers



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