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    Don't have any decks i'm afraid, although i'm interested in cassette mix tapes, and will be keeping my beady little eye on any that may pop up for sale from time to time.


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    When i saw Kronkite i thought of Phil Da Agony.
    "I have no idea what hammer time is, or how it differs from regular time" - Dexter Morgan.


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    bleek bleek bleek
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    Welcome illstreet! Good to have you on here – and thanks for the introduction

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    hi y'all..
    came here for accident, been reading the forum for the entire weekend and it's great! that's why i decided to join.

    i'm a video collector, specially of 90's Rap Videos

    if you got some just hit me up

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    hey guys where would be right thread to post some of my beats and some equpment questions
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by kool s View Post
    hey guys where would be right thread to post some of my beats and some equpment questions
    thank you
    This might be a good place: http://forum.diggerswithgratitude.co...making-it-with

    Otherwise, feel free to start your own thread in the General section

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    Hello to all you fine folks at DWG!My goofy dj name/moniker is the recordvulture-hung on me by a dj friend in the late 90's when i showed up to the shop and bought doubles of the same single he was after that day.I reside in the southern part of the USA.been diggin in these crates since the early 90's when i discovered the 12 inch singles of hip hop songs i was buying had REMIXES and ADDITIONAL SONGS not on the album!!!I collect a lot of different genres of music-but my primaries are hip hop,funk and soul.I work at a large used record store.I'm affiliated with the cunninlynguists crew.(in that they're producer tries to heist records from me to sample)nice to find a bunch of like minded individuals to chop up game with!!!!!!



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